GOALS & Priorities:

    • Engage with & educate the local community on regulated cannabis.
    • Host mixers, monthly educational workshops and provide resources specific for stakeholders and the community.
    • Continue to advocate for a lower barrier to entry for operators & a less restrictive ordinance.
    • Continued grassroots support for members (turning out support at hearings/events/BOS/etc.)
    • Increase outreach and advocacy in Sonoma County's nine incorporated cities.
    • Support the SRJC Cannabis Apprenticeship Program.
    • Advocate for and develop an appellation system for cannabis in Sonoma County.
    • Increase participation from operators across the industry.
    • Get Sonoma County to recognize cannabis as agriculture in the County's General Plan.
    • Lower local cannabis tax rates.
    • Allow for vested cannabis permits that run with the land.
    • Staff to embark on the development of a full comprehensive environmental impact report that is broad in scope and based on a program that defines cannabis as agriculture at the local, state and federal levels akin to hemp and other field and row crops.
    • Allow distribution in AG zones.
    • Allow on-farm light manufacturing.
    • Develop regulations that allow for Type-7 manufacturing in AG zones.
    • Allow delivery-only retail.
    • Allow consumption lounges.
    • Allow farm stands and direct-to-consumer sales on a property where a cannabis permit has been issued provided that the applicable state licenses have been obtained.
    • Develop trigger language that will allow issuance of a permit or other authorization for cannabis direct to consumer sales so one can submit a state license application once the state develops regulatory language for their licensure.
    • Revisit the county’s current cap on dispensaries.
    • Allow small scale cultivation on appropriate AR + RR parcels over 10 acres.
    • Reduce the 10 acre minimum parcel size for small-scale operations.
    • Revisit the canopy cap for indoor cultivation on industrial parcels.
    • Revisit the outdoor cultivation cap in agricultural zones.
    • Prioritize and protect legacy operators while encouraging new business activity.
    • Push for the County to re-establish the Board of Supervisors’ Cannabis Ad Hoc Committee, or a Cannabis Standing Committee, to deal specifically with cannabis-related issues.
    • Sonoma County to hire or appoint a dedicated Cannabis Program Manager, who would coordinate with the various departments involved and serve as a liaison between the county and the public.
    • Push for the County to have cannabis-specific planners in Permit Sonoma to review cannabis permit applications. With the fires and other permit issues, the cannabis permits have created a major backlog with some applicants waiting four years now for a determination.  Cannabis permit fees sufficiently cover dedicated planning staff, and more permit applications would be filed if the process was more efficient. 
    • Engage with the community to establish a successful Cannabis Equity Program specific to Sonoma County to help local operators who’ve been disproportionately harmed by the war on drugs, from prohibition or overregulation. Enforcement without opportunity is a failed paradigm.
    • Direct staff to inform and assist existing permit holders with the CEQA process for state licensing.
    • Work with similarly-aligned organizations to advocate for policy changes.
    • Encourage industry members to get involved in shaping local cannabis policy.



  • Our Board and a group of industry members worked diligently to craft improvements and changes to the Sonoma County Cannabis Ordinance.
  • Successfully advocated for a temporary reduction in local cannabis taxes.
  • Supported Sonoma County and the incorporated cities to remain aligned with current state legislation and regulations.
  • Endeavored to improved access to the regulated market for existing operators.
  • Supported the success of permitted cannabis businesses throughout Sonoma County.
  • Supported the community at hearings, with calls to action, and advocated at the county level for our industry.
  • Advocated for the practical establishment of sound rules for hemp production in the county.
  • Succeeded in getting cannabis added to the annual Sonoma County Crop Report.


  • Monthly Networking Mixers
  • CDFW & CA Water Board Cannabis Cultivation Permitting Workshop
  • Introductions to Securities and Raising Capital
  • Disruptive Innovation and the Cannabis Industry
  • Trademarks in the Cannabis Industry
  • Heavy Metals in Cannabis & Cannabis Products
  • Prop 65 Compliance Workshop
  • Packaging and Labeling 101
  • CCTT System Using Metrc Workshop
  • Build A Better Business: Canna Compliance Workshop
  • Member Round Table: Focus on Hemp
  • COVID-19 Resources for the Cannabis Industry

We are working hard, and depend on our members for support. Please, consider joining SCCA today!

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