About the Sonoma County Cannabis Alliance


The Sonoma County Cannabis Alliance (formerly the Sonoma County Growers Alliance - SCGA) is a community group organized to educate, collaborate and advocate for patient, cultivator and community rights and responsibilities.

SCCA works cooperatively with all individuals, businesses, and regulatory bodies to ensure that reasonable environmental, social and economic standards are set in place, helping cannabis operators within the community to participate and thrive responsibly.

Sonoma County Cannabis Alliance is focused on issues important to Sonoma County cannabis patients, businesses, and the overall community.  It's time to ensure equal participation within society, to raise a voice and support the changes underway.


The mission of the Sonoma County Cannabis Alliance is to both develop and preserve reasonable environmental, social, and economic standards in our community. We work cooperatively with all individuals, businesses and regulatory bodies to ensure that cultivators within the community participate and thrive responsibly.

SCCAlliance brings together industry leaders from a variety of fields to educate cultivators, regulators and our community. Our diverse member base already includes cultivators, manufacturers, and labs, environmental, legal and service consultants, retailers, patients, dispensaries, and distributors.


The Sonoma County Cannabis Alliance was founded in March 2015 as there Sonoma County Growers Alliance in response to the changes sweeping the cannabis industry. In our years as a grassroots nonprofit, we have:

    • Engaged with local and state representatives to help guide and implement Sonoma County policy.
    • Created working relationships with organizations across the state to facilitate an action network to expedite progress.
    • Empowered our community to create the solutions that will transition cannabis operators into an exemplary regulated industry.
    • Created informative workshops to educate both local operators and regulators on the best management practices for the cannabis industry.
    • Produced monthly social mixers and events to engage our local businesses and stimulate the networking within our local economy.
    • Are a regional partner of the Origins Council.
    • Rebranded to the Sonoma County Cannabis Alliance to reflect how we advocate and support all industry members, not just cultivators.


  • Transparency
    Bringing commercial cannabis businesses into the light
  • Inclusive
    Work cooperatively with all individuals, businesses, & officials
  • Protect
    Patients' and operators' rights
    Small farmers, small business, caregiver collectives
  • Educate
    Responsible cultivation practices
    Environmental & Social impacts
    Responsible economic participation
  • Fair Distribution of Rights
    Facilitate the responsible growth of large as well as small cannabis businesses
  • Accountability
    Account for our activities, accept responsibility, disclose results in transparent manner
  • Follow Through
    Make reasonable goals, and see to completion
  • Leadership
    Current, progressive leaders
    Social influence through intelligent, responsible action.

    Support local coalitions, organizations and individuals
  • Protect the Environment
    Support current environmental standards set in place.
    Develop standards specifically for cultivators, fair and firm
  • Social Economic Responsibility and Rights
    Initiate a strategy for cultivators to participate in paying taxes

We are working hard, and depend on our members for support. Please, consider joining SCCA today!

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